Vision, Purpose and Values


To be the most successful airport business in Australasia.

We will achieve this by:

  • developing a commercial non-aviation property portfolio of more than $200 million
  • growing passengers to three million at DIA and 700 000 at ASA
  • maintaining the respect of all of our airline customers
  • creating a positive work environment and making ADG an attractive place to work
  • being recognised as a significant contributor to the NT economy
  • ensuring development is done in accordance with the airport Master Plans and the Airport Environment Strategies
  • securing strong and diverse community support for our airport businesses
  • continuing to outperform other Australasian airports’ growth of Total Shareholder Return.


Our purpose is to provide safe, efficient and environmentally sound services that represent value for money for our customers, and optimise the financial returns to our shareholders.

We will do this by:

  • operating safe and secure airports
  • providing outstanding customer service
  • developing a sustainable aviation and non-aviation airport business
  • excelling in environmental and financial management
  • maximising long term value for our shareholders
  • contributing to the NT’s economic growth and our community.


We recognise that stakeholders and the community judge us by the way we act. Our reputation is paramount and as a result, we will act with honesty and integrity at all times.

Our workplace reflects our corporate values.

Safety First
Safety is our number one priority.

Customer focussed
Our customers are important and our focus on their needs will ensure our relevance and success.

Honesty and Integrity
We are honest, ethical and professional in all that we do.

We will deliver on our commitments and take ownership of our responsibilities.

Innovative and creative
We encourage new thinking in our team.

Respect for each other
Our people are our most important resource and we appreciate their values, respect their rights, promote their talents and reward their commitment.

Environmentally Responsible
We take stewardship of our environment seriously.

Community engagement
We are an important part of our communities in which we operate and we will seek to engage with them at all levels.

Team work
We will work together to achieve the collective goals.

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  • Alice Springs Airport
  • Tennant Creek Airport

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